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      Head Support Systems
Our lateral head supports and impact pads carry the sfi 45.2 certification label. The foam that we use is an engineered open cell urethane foam. This highly engineered energy managing foam was developed in accordance with higher standards governing the materials that can be used for head and body protection in various motorsports sanctioning bodies. This foam is a resilient foam, meaning it will not stay deformed after a crash but will return to its original shape, keeping you protected for multiple impacts in a crash. This foam will not melt or drip in a fire and is also a self-extinguishing material. These impact pads are custom designed and fitted to your specific application! 
                                   Custom Poured Driving Seats
The use of EIS W50 SFI 45.2 Approved foam in molded seating applications where ultimate fit, comfort and most importantly, where safety is desired. EIS W50 is used widely in the motorsports industry for energy management in head impacts.This foam technology has enabled BSCI to develop the use of this same material for use in molded seat inserts to help manage the forces exerted on a driver's body during crashes. Seat inserts molded from EIS W50 are inherently self extinguishing when fire becomes an issue.

Not only does the foam provide impact absorption during a crash, the material also serves to offer total body support during the normal running of a race. Because EIS W50 is a liquid when introduced to the mold application, it offers a perfect replication of the driver's body unlike using other materials such as foam beads which are solid in nature.   Where beaded seats are already present, EIS W50 can be used as a layer between the bead and the driver in order to finalize the perfect fit.
                                     Fire Suppression Systems
We offer a versatile range of fire suppression delivery systems for all motorsports applications. We have the sizes, accessories, and components for your needs and also offer installation. FE-36 Facts = One pound of FE-36 discharged for every 50 cubic feet of enclosed volume will achieve a 5% concentration in the air. This is sufficient to extinguish most fires with a substantial margin of safety. Our systems are designed to achieve the concentration within ten seconds, whereupon combustion cannot occur.
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